We are on a mission to create a Relating Revolution through the workshops and courses we teach. Join the revolution and experience the magical possibilities that relationship has to offer – relationship with yourself, relationship with others, and relationship to life.

Our courses and workshops are curated experiences where participants clear blocks that get in their way of experiencing more honesty, joy, laughter, passion and play; explore their contribution to subtle energy dynamics in their relationships; cultivate practices and exercises and their felt sense of Third Consciousness; and feel the possibility of what vibrant, free, authentic relationship has to offer. Our teachings bring consciousness, play and vibrancy into the corners where many relationships become stuck, stagnant or stale. We believe that a big part of sustained learning is engaging the mind and body, so our teaching involves games and exercises that are experiential.

Unless otherwise specified, all our workshops are open to individuals and couples, because in the end, a major part of relating to others and with life is rooted in relationship within oneself. Our Relating Revolution workshops are offered on a Priceless Pricing basis, to make them accessible to everyone.

To give you a feel for our teaching style, here is an interview from early 2019 about an upcoming course we offered.


Relating Revolution:
All It Takes is One Person to Change

Six consecutive Thursdays via Zoom. Priceless Pricing!

Do you find uncomfortable repeating patterns in your life? Maybe it’s feeling shocked or betrayed by what a friend or loved one said. Or heated arguments about small things. Or social media feels like a minefield, where you don’t know when you will be attacked. Do you feel stuck not knowing what to do? Join us for this six-week course where we will uncover the true culprit that is getting in your way.

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Relating Revolution:
Healing Shame and Trauma Around Racism

Via Zoom. Priceless Pricing!

Feeling defensive or confronted about racism and privilege? Join Meenal and she will guide you into Third Consciousness. Together you will release your life force energy bound in the shame and trauma around racism using practices culled from diverse traditions. You will complete with a powerful forgiveness meditation in community, integral ingredients to healing via Third Consciousness.

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I HIGHLY recommend this course! Kris and Meenal do an amazing job and incorporate different learning activities to make the experience very engaging. I’ve noticed amazing shifts in my relationship with myself, my family, a new career endeavor, and the Divine. I registered for the upcoming course to further deepen my transformation.


I spent my energy trying to convince loved ones how wrong they were.  Then in came the victim. During forgiveness exercise I released my attachment to my old patterns with a family member and it was explosive and emotional.  A big load lifted. Now, listening is the key. The place held by the Third is safe, bigger than anything I can imagine. A space where I can see the possibilities of change and get out of my old patterns.


Meenal and Kris teach universal truths about relationships and bring deeply personal experience to their teachings. Their balance of exercises, demonstrations discussion and movement provides intellectual, emotional and physical learning. I learned a lot not only about relationship with an intimate partner, but as a parent with a child.


It was both an introduction into some tantra principles as well as a deep dive into specific non-sexual practices that support loving relationships. Kris and Meenal brought a yin-yang balance for energies that helped both men and women resonate with the material and each other in a safe environment.


Meenal and Kris share their depth of knowledge about relationship from their own practice and long term love, which helped me to understand and embody the teachings.