Do Your Relationships have a Third?

Most of us are accustom to relating as if there is only a you and a me in relationship, because that is all we perceive via our five senses. This leads to the thinking that if you are right then I am wrong, if you win I lose, or you are either for me or against me.

But what if there is actually something more going on in every relationship – a relational field that informs everything that goes on between us and holds a bigger truth where each of us is right in our perspective? This field, which represents a Third presence in every relationship, contains an infinite set of perspectives and possibilities for every situation – ones that most of us are not accustom to seeing.

Third Consciousness is the embodiment of this understanding.


The truth is that our bodies communicate with and through a relational field via subtle sensations, where the communication is below our normal level of consciousness. This complex communication informs a lot of the dynamics that occur in all relationships – everything from attraction or repulsion to trust or mistrust to sensing each others’ emotional state to the creation of behavioral and relational patterns.

Bringing this complex communication to consciousness allows us to:
  • Experience the magic and mystery of how interconnected we truly are;

  • Exponentially magnify what we create together;

  • Open to the infinite possibilities available in the relational field